Benefits of Morning Walks

Some dogs get very excited or stressed in the mornings when their owners leave for work in the morning. Within the first hour alone they may start to find mischief and become restless. This may include, pacing, barking, counter surfing, destroying objects, house accidents and the like. A professional dog walker may help curb these mischievous behaviours by creating something the dog will look forward to, instead of becoming stressed or redirecting the stress into the home.

A 30-60 minute walk allows the dog to get their morning zoomies out, check out the neighbourhood pee mail (smell the environment), walk the neighbourhood, practice some self control exercises and basic obedience. This helps create a relaxed pup ready for their afternoon nap and creates peace in the household

Our morning private walks are scheduled in a time range of 8am-10am. We walk the dogs of a single household at a time. Often providing one on one care and attention.

Our walks are provided by an apprentice dog trainer that has completed the Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Foundations course. She is happy to help with your training and behaviour questions.

Serving Okotoks and Area.

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It Made My Day!

I’m really starting to ❤️ Dog People Coaching

At an evening dog training class I’m assisting at, I was called in to assist a family with a young boy with a learning disability. I’m not sure what the diagnosis was, all i know is he had a long road of learning from being non-verbal, to having speech therapists (a story similar to my own). That night he was the dog trainer of the family, while he needed a little adjusting and prompting, he was doing exceptionally well. It warmed my heart to get a thanks from his family, and as he was leaving class he was very proud of himself, he wanted to show me that he trained his dog to sit.

That was the best thank you of all! To see the pride in himself.

Sometimes all it takes is a little patience, consistency and encouragement to help others along.


Professional Reptile Sitting

It’s fairly uncommon to find a professional pet sitter for our reptile friends. They come in various shapes and sizes, with and without teeth, and can be docile to aggressive. We care for plenty of exotic pets including reptiles, amphibians and fish.

We’ve helped care for, not only, bearded dragons and leopard geckos, but some quicker reptiles such as false water cobras and green tree pythons. The needs of these critters are fairly simple. Make sure they have the appropriate heat, light, substrate, humidity, water and feed as appropriate. Many terrariums are set up with automatic timers for many of these things.

We offer quick daily quick checks to help keep up on our reptile friends. While they are often hardy and stoic creatures it this good practice to have a daily check. A few things we’ve come across on our daily checks

  • A snake popped out his decorative background and hid behind it
  • Water dishes can dry up pretty quick for the critters with heat in their terrarium
  • Reptiles that are quite excited for their crickets (we once took care of a frilled lizard who was known to jump in the cricket box if allowed to)
  • Mass cricket die off, sometimes this can happen if it’s a bad batch
  • Special humidity considerations, in the case of Uromastyx, they prefer an arid environment with the only possible moisture being in their veggie blend

A great online resource for reptile information can be found at

Becky Johnson

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Okotoks, Alberta

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

A few of our reptile and exotic friends


Professional Cat Sitting

Ever wonder what to look for in a Professional cat sitter? Look no further we have some great tips and a couple short Q&As to get you started.

The minimum to look for in a cat sitter

  • Licence, Bonding and Insurance
  • Pet First Aid


  • Do you wait for the cats in your care to come to you?

While a lot of cats are very friendly, I’ve met a few who are quite wary of new people. Letting the cat approach you sets up the experience on their terms. Inviting them to a play with a wand toy or offering treats when they come out to say hi may encourage them to come out and be more comfortable with the care provider.

  • How do you monitor if my cat is using the litter box?

At every daily visit, litter boxes are scooped and checked for abnormalities. Then with quick action of the scoop, lines might be created in the litter for a quick check next time whether the cats have used the litter box.

  • Do you provide daily visits for cats?

Yes we do! We believe a daily check is the minimum that should be done to check on your furry friend while you are away. A cat could find them self in some mischief or another problem fairly quickly if given the chance.

Becky Johnson

Professional Cat Sitter

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Serving Okotoks, Dewinton and Area

A few of the kitties we’ve welcomed into our pet sitting fur family!


I am your pet sitter and dog walker….

I am your pet sitter and dog walker…. I drive backroads, side streets and highways every day looking for you and your pets. I argue with the maps app about which turns to take, how long it takes and where to go next.

I’ve walked and cared for hundreds of animals and I love them. Dog walking and pet sitting is much more than a job, it’s my life. No job is too small, I sometimes care for single pets in houses. No job is too big, I’ve walked up to three of your dogs at a time, cared for collections of reptiles and birds, herds of horses, pens of pigs.

I am the person who is responsible for your pets in your absence. I guard them against outside means of danger and love them as if they were my own.

I love on your pets, play with your kids, compliment your house. I’ve helped you administer medication to your pets, helped with emergencies, listened when someone needed to vent on a pet related situation. I do not charge for any of these services, I’m happy to help anyone where I can.

My vehicle is rusted and worn. But my heart is gentle and kind. You’d never know I was sick, sore or tired. I’ve driven through weather advisories for ice, snow, and flood, I’ve secured houses and pets during tornado warnings. I’ve macgiver-ed horse water troughs to provide water to horses in -30 degree weather, secured horse sheds that have blown over due to wind, held your dogs paw amidst a seizure. I keep working under any conditions, because this is more than a job or my work, it’s who I am.

I see happy, well cared for pets with plenty of room to play, and pets with minimum housing and care scenarios. Some days I’m overjoyed with the amount of care your pets receive and some days I bite my tongue on how you treat your pets.

I am your dog walker and pets sitter. I’ve watched your pets grow, I’ve seen your life through adversities, watched your kids grow. I’ve been there when the worst happened and celebrated when you experienced the happiness and joy I wish for you!

All I ask is for a flat collar in good working order to walk your dog, appropriate attire for your outdoor pets as needed, planning services ahead (when possible) and to be paid on time.

I am proud of what I do, and I hold my honesty and integrity in high regard. I strive to improve on my skills and knowledge daily. And promise to provide you with pet sitting and dog walking services from the heart.

*adapted from another post by an unknown author*


Idols & Inspirations

I’m not one to idolize a person. I think once upon a time I had to choose a person for a school assignment. I chose my brother.

The people who inspire me live everyday lives. They have lived through adversity. They worked hard for everything they got. Once I hear people’s stories, it inspires me and encourages me to go forward. It reminds me that we’re all in this rat race called life together. That we can achieve anything we want if we’re willing to work for it and not give up.

What’s your story?