For those who are near Okotoks, Alberta and are interested in Pet Sitting & Pet Care Services here is a small breakdown of Services Available

I do offer a complimentary consultation to go over routine care, cost, or to answer any questions that you may have prior to starting services.

Daily Care Services
Available Monday to Friday and Weekends
Morning (8am-10am), Noon (10am-2pm) & Evening (4pm-8pm)

Potty Break Visit
20 minute visit for a quick pee break or play around the yard. Great for puppies and senior dogs to get out during the work day.

Private Dog Walking 
– 30 minutes
– 1 hour
Regular on leash walks help your dog release pent-up energy, allow for daytime socialization with others and encourage exercise and well-being. Our service is exclusive to the dog(s) you own, making it easy on your dog with one on one personalized care and attention.

Pet Sitting Services
Over-Night Pet Sitting 
(A quote is available after a complimentary consultation and walk through of daily needs of your pets and household)
The Pet Sitter will stay in your home overnight, your pets don’t have to worry about transport to/from a kennel and the daily routine will be similar. We help maintain an “at home” look by picking up flyers/newspaper, rotating window blinds and lights in house etc. Your pet will have fresh food and water, daily walking, litter box maintenance and tender loving care while you are away.

Quick Check
– 15 minutes
Useful for those needing a quick daily check on their small animals including birds/reptiles/rodents or large animals such as horses/livestock. Feeding, watering, cleaning dishes, cleaning cages and providing tlc. Please refer to Pet Visits if there are dogs or cats in the home.

Pet Visits
– 30 minutes
– 1 hour
One on one personalized attention for your pet(s), including play time and cuddles. This also includes feeding, watering, cleaning pet messes, letting outside, and maintaining an at-home look (watering plants, rotating blinds, bringing in newspapers etc.)

We offer our services to many types of animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles and more.


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