We treat every animal that we care for as though it was our own. 

Sometimes it’s tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, horse, iguana, or other friend–furry or feathered– needs care. Because we are a come-to-you pet services provider, your pet can get everything from nail trimmings to potty break visits, vacation care and dog walking all within the comfort of your own home, we come to you. We are a family run company that takes your pets needs to heart. We are up to date on Pet First Aid, Equine First Aid and have taken various courses in animal husbandry practices.

A bit about our Lead Walker/Pet Care Giver Becky Johnson

Becky grew up around various animals. Visiting the family farm with it’s menagerie of animals (pygmy goats, cows, turkeys, horses, chickens, pigs, dogs), going on adventures to seek out frogs, salamanders and garter snakes, while also volunteering at various all breed animal rescues. Her own pets have included rabbits, hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, dogs, cats and horses. She currently lives with two dogs, Tucker and Shadow, one cat named Felix and a horse named Tango.

She is certified in Pet First Aid as well as Equine First Aid. Other course certificates include: Second Degree Reiki, Horse Hoof Care and Trimming Certificate, Equine Nutrition Certificate (University of Edinburgh), the Honest Kitchen Expert Certification, Hill’s Veterinary Advocate, Purina Certified Weight Coach/ Pet Nutrition Consultant, UC Davis Canine and Feline Nutrition Certificates.

Her attendance in Continuing Education, courses and seminars include: ABC’s of Training by Dr. Susan Friedman, Emily Larlham’s 2 Day Workshop, Equine Behavior and Management of the Equine Environment (University of Guelph). She is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge base and looks forward to attending seminars and courses in 2017.

This blog will serve as a Journal to share stories, photos, training and nutrition information for many different types of animals. And much more.



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