Professional Reptile Sitting

It’s fairly uncommon to find a professional pet sitter for our reptile friends. They come in various shapes and sizes, with and without teeth, and can be docile to aggressive. We care for plenty of exotic pets including reptiles, amphibians and fish.

We’ve helped care for, not only, bearded dragons and leopard geckos, but some quicker reptiles such as false water cobras and green tree pythons. The needs of these critters are fairly simple. Make sure they have the appropriate heat, light, substrate, humidity, water and feed as appropriate. Many terrariums are set up with automatic timers for many of these things.

We offer quick daily quick checks to help keep up on our reptile friends. While they are often hardy and stoic creatures it this good practice to have a daily check. A few things we’ve come across on our daily checks

  • A snake popped out his decorative background and hid behind it
  • Water dishes can dry up pretty quick for the critters with heat in their terrarium
  • Reptiles that are quite excited for their crickets (we once took care of a frilled lizard who was known to jump in the cricket box if allowed to)
  • Mass cricket die off, sometimes this can happen if it’s a bad batch
  • Special humidity considerations, in the case of Uromastyx, they prefer an arid environment with the only possible moisture being in their veggie blend

A great online resource for reptile information can be found at

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A few of our reptile and exotic friends