It Made My Day!

I’m really starting to ❤️ Dog People Coaching

At an evening dog training class I’m assisting at, I was called in to assist a family with a young boy with a learning disability. I’m not sure what the diagnosis was, all i know is he had a long road of learning from being non-verbal, to having speech therapists (a story similar to my own). That night he was the dog trainer of the family, while he needed a little adjusting and prompting, he was doing exceptionally well. It warmed my heart to get a thanks from his family, and as he was leaving class he was very proud of himself, he wanted to show me that he trained his dog to sit.

That was the best thank you of all! To see the pride in himself.

Sometimes all it takes is a little patience, consistency and encouragement to help others along.


Okotoks Dog Walking

Just a quick clip of what we strive for with all of our dog walks. Great manners on leash, sitting and waiting at intersections, loose leash walking when able. Good habits are encouraged through positive reinforcement.

Becky Johnson

Professional Dog Walker

Walk N Roll Over

Okotoks Alberta



Happy Thanksgiving for you and your pet!


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it often brings to mind cherished time with family and loved ones. With a table filled with such dishes as turkey, ham, potatoes, gravy and the like. Wonderful conversation and great togetherness to celebrate what we are thankful for.

For the busyness of the occasion it is better to be prepared as there can be dangers in sight of your pets. If you’re worried about how your animals will react around people or if you have just introduced a new pet-family member to your household, there are a few good things to implement as prevention to pet emergencies and the like.

A few things you can do in preparation are:

  • making sure your pets are well exercised before company arrives (walk your dog or play with your cat for at least 30 minutes) as any pent up energy could be released on un-expecting house guests.
  • Be sure not to allow any access to cooked bones to your pets, for example turkey bones and ham bones, as these are frail and may splinter easily.
  • Give your dog something to do while you sit down for dinner, mine enjoy getting a beef knuckle as they have to chew around all the crevices in order to get at the meat and marrow.
  • Feed the animals before dinner so they have full stomachs and may be less likely to beg at the table.

Great Thanksgiving Treats for your pets

  • Pureed sweet potato or pumpkin
  • Raw ham bone
  • Raw turkey neck and giblets
  • Thanksgiving themed canned food

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!




“Tucker” the source of my inspiration to start ‘Walk N Roll Over’. He has taught me to be playful, kind, explore everything, and take that leap of faith to opportunity. “Tucker” is a year and a half old shepherd mix that was rescued last year through the Pets For Life Foundation. He is a very happy boy and has an unbelievable goofy side to him. I’m hoping to start this blog as a platform for things I’ve learnt and through each experience as an avid animal lover and nutritional advocate.